What we're working towards in 2016/2017

Portal Enhancements
  • Redesign IntelliMon Alert Suspension
  • Fix & Reboot Schedule Enhancement
  • New Ticket Summary Report
  • Improved General Navigation and UI
  • Improved SNMP Monitoring
    • MIB User File Upgrade
    • Special Characters Allowed in Community Strings
  • Improved Off-Hour Patching & Maintenance
  • New Scripting Additions & Enhancements

User Management Upgrades
  • Dealer End-User Ticketing System
  • Workstation Backup added to Dealer Continuity247
  • C.R.O.P.S. Endpoint Encryption

New Partner Integration Enhancements
  • Some Integration with AdNet+ by Adcom Solutions
  • Continued Dealer Continuity247 Improvements
  • Dealer Community Reporting Integration
  • Dealer Solutions IT Scorecard Improvements
  • Anti-Exploit Software Integration
  • VMWare & Hyper-V Enhancements
  We can be proactive with the tools we have available to us with C.R.O.P.S. by taking care of potential problems most of the time before the user even realizes they have a problem. With the tools we have available in C.R.O.P.S., we save time and money on all things IT related by leveraging the remote access features saving us from having to travel to a location needlessly to check on computer specifications without disturbing the user as well as numerous other tasks. We no longer keep our computer inventory on spreadsheets or in notebooks because everything we need to keep track of is at our fingertips with the reports we have available and up to date at all times. This has allowed us to develop an asset management and replacement plan helping to save money as well. C.R.O.P.S. has been extremely beneficial to our organization.  

Marianne Parris, TriGreen Equipment

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